Handsan wrist Wearable hand sanitizer review – Worth your money?

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Handsan wrist

Staying safe has really never been easier, given the current health crisis. Handsan wrist wearable hand sanitizer is an AMAZING way to ensure proper hand hygiene throughout this period.

Given the recent pandemic faced by all, it has become imperative to ensure the highest possible hygiene, starting with clean hands. This is because the hands happen to be the most active part of the body and easily accesses all other parts.

For this reason, FDA reminds consumers to wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after coughing, sneezing or blowing one’s nose. If soap and water are not readily available, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent ethanol (also referred to as ethyl alcohol).

Seeing that frequent washing of hand with soap and water is not very doable, as we all don’t carry about soap and water, neither do we always have access to where we can do that as often, everyone has settled for hand sanitizers. 

This is however not the most convenient of things as carrying hand sanitizers about can be quite uncomfortable and many tend to forget, the containers can also get compressed and leak. Over time it has become cumbersome.

For these reasons and also to ensure that proper hand hygiene is maintained, a wearable and portable wrist hand sanitizer was designed, Handsan wrist.

It was designed to tackle problems such as weight, carriage, usability and accessibility while making sure that users still had their game on.

Just like you wear wrist watches and bracelets, Handsan wrist is another important addition to your wearables ensuring you keep your hands clean and indeed yourself free from germs.


Handsan wrist speicification
Handsan wrist (wearable hand sanitizer)

Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizer (also known as hand antiseptichand disinfectanthand rub, or handrub) is a liquid, gel or foam generally used to kill the vast majority of viruses/bacteria/microorganisms on the hands. In most settings, hand washing with soap and water is generally preferred. 

Hand sanitizer is less effective at killing certain kinds of germs, such as norovirus and Clostridium difficile, and unlike hand washing, it cannot physically remove harmful chemicals. People may incorrectly wipe off hand sanitizer before it has dried, and some are less effective because their alcohol concentrations are too low.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is at least 60% (v/v) alcohol in water (specifically, ethanol or isopropyl alcohol/isopropanol (rubbing alcohol)) is recommended by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but only if soap and water are not available. The CDC recommends the following steps when using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer:

  1. Apply product to the palm of one hand.
  2. Rub hands together.
  3. Rub the product over all surfaces of hands and fingers until hands are dry.
  4. Do not go near flame or gas burner or any burning object during application of hand sanitizer.

In most healthcare settings, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are preferable to hand washing with soap and water, because it may be better tolerated and is more effective at reducing bacteria. 

Hand washing with soap and water, however, should be carried out if contamination can be seen, or following the use of the toilet. The general use of non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers is not recommended.

Alcohol-based versions typically contain some combination of isopropyl alcohol, ethanol (ethyl alcohol), or n-propanol, with versions containing 60% to 95% alcohol the most effective. Care should be taken as they are flammable. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer works against a wide variety of microorganisms but not spores. 

Compounds such as glycerol may be added to prevent drying of the skin. Some versions contain fragrances; however, these are discouraged due to the risk of allergic reactions. Non-alcohol-based versions typically contain benzalkonium chloride or triclosan; but are less effective than alcohol-based ones.

Alcohol has been used as an antiseptic at least as early as 1363 with evidence to support its use becoming available in the late 1800s. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer has been commonly used in Europe since at least the 1980s. The alcohol-based version is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the safest and most effective medicines needed in a health system.

buy button for handsan wrist
handsan wrist

What is the Handsan wrist? (wearable hand sanitizer)

The Handsan Wrist is a hand sanitizer holder. It’s an easy solution to the problem of forgetting to sanitize your hands. It’s a bracelet that allows you to sanitize your hands with one squeeze. With that one squeeze, you can easily clean your hands of germ and keep yourself and people around you safe.

Handsan Wrist is a hand sanitizing on the go that has been made by a true tech enthusiast company. It may seem to be like a kid’s toy but has actual usage in daily life. It costs very little and helps the user to keep their hand sanitizer handy at all times.

One can use this gadget for dispensing other things too but it is mainly made to store and dispense hand sanitizer in a fast and easy manner for the user. This gadget can be worn around the wrist in the form of a watch or more famously like the spider man wears his web dispensing device.

The gadget stores hand sanitizer in an ample amount and the user just has to pull his or her middle and ring finger back and press the gadget to actively dispense the hand sanitizer on the palm of the person.

It has a small nozzle that faces the palm when worn and while the person presses the gadget, this nozzle opens up and allows the flow of hand sanitizer and when the person takes off the fingers, it closes again to keep the sanitizer from leaking. In this manner, Handsan Wrist serves perfectly in handily dispensing the hand sanitizer.

Handsan Wrist is basically a container in the form of a wristwatch that helps individuals to easily release hand sanitizer when needed. We all know how bulky sanitizer containers can be, but the good thing with this hand sanitizer system is that it is very portable with an ergonomic design that has made it trendy.

Handsan Wrist is a combination of sanitizer and a wristwatch like band. Moreover, it comes in numerous colors so that you can also stay in fashion while staying safe at the same time.

different sizes of handsan wrist
Handsan wrist

Why Handsan wrist sanitizer? (wearable hand sanitizer)

  • Ergonomically convenient.
  • Portable hand sanitizer.
  • Wearable hand sanitizer.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Easy carriage
  • Fashionable
  • 24/7 protection from germs

Specifications of Handsan wrist sanitizer (wearable hand sanitizer)

  • It is made of high-grade silicone for greater resistance.
  • Durable valve to prevent leakage.
  • made with hypoallergenic food-grade silicone, which is the same material used for baby bottle nipples and dental retainers.
  • Stores up to 50ml of alcoholic gel.
  • Different sizes and adjustable strap.
  • Designed in various colours
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How to use Handsan wrist sanitizer (wearable hand sanitizer)

For liquid pumps

  • Open your squeezy band’s cap using the lip of the cap to pull off.
  • Choose your product of choice and fill the opening: If filling with a pump, simply lift your band up to the pump’s nozzle and pump directly into the opening. (If the reservoir fills suddenly, tap your band on a surface to settle and keep filling the opening until full).
  • Gently press and secure your cap back into place.

For liquid gels

  • Open your squeezy band’s cap using the lip of the cap to pull off.
  • Choose your product of choice and fill the opening: If you are filling your band with a liquid gel or thicker sanitizer/product consistency (or large bottle), simply squeeze the band while filling the opening and gently release your squeezy to absorb the product. Continue this motion repeating until full. This motion acts as a suction for thicker consistency products.
  • Gently press and secure your cap back into place.

For loose liquids

  • Open your squeezy band’s cap using the lip of the cap to pull off.
  • Choose your product of choice and fill the opening: If you are filling the band with a thinner or more watery liquid (like rubbing alcohol, etc.), simply pour or squeeze directly into the opening.
  • Gently press and secure your cap back into place.
Refilling handsan wrist
Handsan wrist

Benefits of Handsan wrist hand sanitizer (wearable hand sanitizer)

  • Easily accessible. With this portable hand sanitizer staying safe has never been easier. Handsan wrist hand sanitizer is a wearable hand sanitizer that easily dispenses its content with a gentle pressure. Now you don’t have to go rummaging through your bag anymore and you can sanitize your hand inconspicuously.
  • Convenient. Handsan sanitizer is designed to be worn easily like your wrist watch or any other wrist jewelry. Chances that you will forget it as you go out is reduced.
  • 24/7 protection from germs. Handsan wrist offers protection from germs all round the clock, as long as you have it on your wrist. Your wrist would be an ever-present reminder to sanitize your hands, and you’d be able to do it under five seconds.
  • Refillable. No need to throw away this wearable handsan wrist, all you need to do when the content finishes is to refill, following the instructions in this review.
  • Fancy. Handsan wrist comes in various colours and can easily match your outfit of the day. For the fashion-conscious ones, this wearable hand sanitizer just put your game on another level.
  • Suitable for all. Handsan Wrist is suitable for anyone that is capable of making use of sanitizer. It can be used by anyone that is above 7 years of age. It can also be used by both sex whether male or female. It is not gender-specific since it is just in the form of a wristwatch.
  • Anti-Spill Enclosure: Before now, you may be pretty worried about how secure Handsan Wrist is in terms of leakage. However, be rest assured that after filling up your Handsan Wrist, your sanitizing solution will not spill out as it has an anti-spillage covering protecting it from spilling out.

How Does Handsan Wrist Work?

Handsan wrist wearable hand sanitizer

The wristband has a refillable reservoir which stores sanitizing fluid and which can be refilled once the fluid finishes. The outlet nozzle dispenses a predetermined quantity of the sanitizing fluid and can be closed with the anti-spill enclosure to avoid leaking or spilling.

All the features are assembled to form a wristwatch-like band and work to release fluid on the wrist of the user.

This Handsan Wrist review observes that this gadget works in three simple steps! Generally, when you first get the bracelet, you remove the plug on the reservoir and fill it with a sanitizer of your choice — The bracelet will expand as it is being filled with the sanitizing solution. 

Step 1: Remove plug

Remove the small plug and press down on the bracelet to remove any air pockets. This ensures that you can fully fill the bracelet.

Step 2: Fill Up with Sanitizer

Then gently take any standard flip cap sanitizer can (preferably gel) and insert the pour end into the opening of the bracelet and squeeze. Bracelet will expand when full.

Step 3: Replace Plug

Now simply replace the fill plug into the opening and wipe off any excess. Get 6-10 normal uses per refill. Stay safe, Stay stylish.

Handsan wrist dispensing alcoholic hand sanitizer
Handsan wrist wearable hand sanitizer

Pros and cons of Handsan wrist wearable hand sanitizer


  • Ergonomic design that makes it fit in your hand perfectly 
  • It is highly affordable
  • It is portable and user-friendly
  • Not gender-specific 
  • It has no allergic effect which makes it safe for wearing
  • It is fancy and easy-to-use
  • It is light weight.
  • Handsan wrist has a 3 year warranty


  • It can only be ordered online. It is not available in stores. Just online. 
  • Extreme care should be taken when little children wear it to avoid alcohol poisoning.
  • It may not be enough for an extravagant user of sanitizer. For your notice though, it can take up to 6-10 times of use. 

Where to buy Handsan wrist wearable hand sanitizer

The recommended place to buy Handsan Wrist is directly from the manufacturer’s official website. On the official website of Handsan Wrist wearable sanitizer, there are several packages offered at preferential and affordable prices.

There’s a special offer of 50% discount per unit of Handsan wrist purchased. Hurry to get yours!!

  • Buy 3 Handsan wrist, GET 2 free ($20/each) – $99
  • Buy 2 Handsan wrist, GET 1 free ($26/each) – $79
  • Buy 1 Handsan wrist ($39/each) – $39


different colours of handsan wrist
Handsan wrist


What do I do if I get a rash or other reaction from Handsan wrist? (wearable hand sanitizer)

Handsan wrist is made of silicon which has a strong protection against possible irritation or rashes. In case you develop rashes on the cause of applying any of the sanitizers, I advise you to change to another one in order to avoid the rash. This is because there is a possibility of you having rashes or reactions from the sanitizer you intend to use but not from the Handsan wristband.

Is hand sanitizer used with Handsan Wrist effective against COVID-19?

Well nothing changed with the sanitizer. The only thing different is the container used. So the container has no alteration effect on the sanitizer and that makes the hand sanitizer to remain active against covid-19.

How often do I have to refill the Handsan wrist?

That totally depends on your usage. You can always refill as much as yo need to. However, a single full refill can be used about 6-10 times.

Uses of hand sanitizer

General public

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers may not be effective if the hands are greasy or visibly soiled. In hospitals, the hands of healthcare workers are often contaminated with pathogens, but rarely soiled or greasy. In community settings, on the other hand, grease and soiling is common from activities such as handling food, playing sports, gardening, and being active outdoors. Similarly, contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides (generally found outdoorscannot be removed by hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers may also be swallowed by children, especially if brightly-coloured.

Some commercially available hand sanitizers (and online recipes for homemade rubs) have alcohol concentrations that are too low. This makes them less effective at killing germs. Poorer people in developed countries and people in developing countries may find it harder to get a hand sanitizer with an effective alcohol concentration. Fraudulent labelling of alcohol concentrations has been a problem in Guyana.

The current evidence for the effectiveness of school hand hygiene interventions is of poor quality.

Health care

 Hand sanitizers were first introduced in 1966 in medical settings such as hospitals and healthcare facilities. The product was popularized in the early 1990s.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is more convenient compared to hand washing with soap and water in most situations in the healthcare setting. Among healthcare workers, it is generally more effective for hand antisepsis, and better tolerated than soap and water. Hand washing should still be carried out if contamination can be seen or following the use of the toilet.

Hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol or contains a “persistent antiseptic” should be used. Alcohol rubs kill many different kinds of bacteria, including antibiotic resistant bacteria and TB bacteria. They also kill many kinds of viruses, including the flu virus, the common cold virus, coronaviruses, and HIV.

90% alcohol rubs are more effective against viruses than most other forms of hand washing. Isopropyl alcohol will kill 99.99% or more of all non-spore forming bacteria in less than 30 seconds, both in the laboratory and on human skin.

In too low quantities (0.3 ml) or concentrations (below 60%), the alcohol in hand sanitizers may not have the 10–15 seconds exposure time required to denature proteins and lyse cells. In environments with high lipids or protein waste (such as food processing), the use of alcohol hand rubs alone may not be sufficient to ensure proper hand hygiene.

For health care settings, like hospitals and clinics, optimum alcohol concentration to kill bacteria is 70% to 95%. Products with alcohol concentrations as low as 40% are available in American stores, according to researchers at East Tennessee State University.

Alcohol rub sanitizers kill most bacteria, and fungi, and stop some viruses. Alcohol rub sanitizers containing at least 70% alcohol (mainly ethyl alcohol) kill 99.9% of the bacteria on hands 30 seconds after application and 99.99% to 99.999% in one minute.

For health care, optimal disinfection requires attention to all exposed surfaces such as around the fingernails, between the fingers, on the back of the thumb, and around the wrist. Hand alcohol should be thoroughly rubbed into the hands and on the lower forearm for a duration of at least 30 seconds and then allowed to air dry.


There are certain situations during which hand washing with soap and water are preferred over hand sanitizer, these include: eliminating bacterial spores of Clostridioides difficile, parasites such as Cryptosporidium, and certain viruses like norovirus depending on the concentration of alcohol in the sanitizer (95% alcohol was seen to be most effective in eliminating most viruses). 

In addition, if hands are contaminated with fluids or other visible contaminates, hand washing is preferred as well as after using the toilet and if discomfort develops from the residue of alcohol sanitizer use. Furthermore, CDC states hand sanitizers are not effective in removing chemicals such as pesticides.


Handsan wrist is a wearable hand sanitizer specially designed to ensure we maintain the best possible hygiene and that, comfortably. Considering the global pandemic we are facing, easy access to a hand sanitizer is important. This portable hand sanitizer comes at a very affordable price, staying safe has really never been easier.

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