BEST non-contact infrared thermometer review

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picture of LiveTemp pro a non-contact infrared thermometer
Best non-contact infrared thermometer

About this non-contact infrared thermometer. It is no longer news that the world is battling a pandemic which has in one way or another affected everyone’s life; socially, economically, physically, emotionally and mentally. Survival is a natural instinct of humans and we have therefore sought for ways to protect ourselves from the virus.

This has led to the implementation of safety measures such as use of face masks and washing of hands or use of hand sanitizers. While this has helped, it is also important to be able to identify possible carriers of the virus with limited or no contact and then restrict their movement as further investigations such as tests are carried out.

One common symptom exhibited by carriers of the corona virus is fever, hence the need to identify those with raised body temperature in the safest way. This has led to the manufacturing of a non-contact infrared forehead thermometer known as LiveTemp pro.

What is LiveTemp pro non-contact infrared thermometer?

LiveTemp pro is a hand held non-contact infrared thermometer that can effectively and accurately detect temperatures without any physical contact. It is simple to use and makes use of an efficient technology which you would come to know in this review.

This non-contact infrared thermometer (LiveTemp pro) can be used in churches, schools, offices and any other public gatherings. All you have to do is tap its recording button and properly position the infrared thermometer, pointing it to the forehead to get an instant reading.

LiveTemp pro
LiveTemp pro contactless temperature measurement

Why is it important to use the non-contact infrared thermometer (LiveTemp pro)?

Fever is one of the first symptoms in an ongoing infective process in the body, being able to detect a possible carrier of the corona virus helps to reduce transmission to others and also makes for better prognosis as treatment can begin for the carrier.

Using a non-contact infrared thermometer (LiveTemp pro) also eliminates contact and can easily and quickly detect temperatures so as not to keep people waiting as would have happened while using the traditional contact thermometer.

How to use a non-contact infrared forehead thermometer (LiveTemp pro)

The process of obtaining an accurate measurement using an infrared thermometer thermometer is simple, but proper usage is critical for obtaining the best results. For instance, where one points the no touch infrared thermometer matters.

When measuring body temperature, the warmest part of the human body is actually located in the inside portion of the eye, and not on the forehead as many commonly believe. This is where you should point for the best infrared thermometer accuracy. Fun fact: This is the most accurate location due to a vein that runs directly from the heart’s aorta to the inner corner of the eye.

To safely take temperature in the inner canthus, follow these steps:

  • The patient should be steady and not moving around.
  • The patient’s eyes should close while the physician lines up the laser.
  • Physician turns off the laser.
  • Patient reopens his or her eyes.
  • Physician takes the temperature.

Remember that these steps will need to be modified for those who are visually impaired or deaf.

Another consideration is that these infrared body thermometer instruments are meant to be used in close proximity. Reading the product guide to determine the ideal distance from the object is as important as the aim of the instrument.

Distance to spot ratio differs among each device and means that calculated positioning is required in order to gain an accurate reading of the target area. Too much area outside of the desired target will affect the accuracy of the reading.

buy button for non-contact infrared thermometer livetemp pro

Specifications of LiveTemp pro

Product nameLiveTemp Pro Non-contact electronic thermometer
Product modelGXGO1
Measuring distance6 inches (15.2cm)
Measuring time0.5secs
BatteryRO 3AAA 1.5V*2
Human body model32-42.9degree Celsius
Object model0-60degree Celsius
Fever alarmAutomatic alarm at >38 degrees Celsius
Large screen displayBacklight clear reading
specifications of LiveTemp pro infrared thermometer
label of lcd display of livetemp pro
Overview of LCD display

How the non-contact infrared thermometer (LiveTemp pro) works

Because of COVID-19, the world is now much more familiar with the benefits of infrared technology and their usefulness in screening body temperatures. Take a look at how Google searches for infrared thermometers skyrocketed in mid-March.

More and more people are opting for infrared thermometers because of their quick and precise temperature readings without requiring physical contact. With so many first-time owners of these no touch infrared thermometer devices, it’s important to understand how this technology works and the best way to use it.

What distinguishes the IR thermometer is that it focuses infrared light at an object to detect and measure energy or radiation coming from its surface. The detector then translates the amount of electricity generated into a temperature reading.

These non-contact temperature measurement devices function well in circumstances where the object is fragile and dangerous to get near to, or when other kinds of thermometers are not practical.

Non-contact Infrared thermometers (LiveTemp pro) utilize the concept of infrared radiation to determine the surface temperature of objects without any physical contact. Let’s find out what infrared radiation is to get a better understanding of how IR thermometers work.

Infrared Radiation

Every object that is not in absolute zero temperature has atoms moving within it. This speed of movement is in direct correlation with its temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster will be the movement of molecules. These moving molecules emit energy in the form of infrared radiation.

The wavelength of this radiation is longer than those of visible light. Hence, we are not able to see it with naked eyes. However, the radiation can jump to the visible spectrum if the object gets too hot. A hot metal glowing red or sometimes even white is one of the examples.

While we may not be able to see infrared radiation, we can still sense it in the form of heat. The heat that we feel from sunlight, a radiator, or a fire are all examples of infrared radiation. It is this heat that the infrared thermometers detect to measure the temperature of objects.


Working of non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Similar to visible light, it is also possible to focus, reflect, or absorb infrared light. Infrared thermometers employ a lens to focus the infrared light emitting from the object onto a detector known as a thermopile.

The thermopile is nothing but thermocouples connected in series or parallel. When the infrared radiation falls on the thermopile surface, it gets absorbed and converts into heat. Voltage output is produced in proportion to the incident infrared energy. The detector uses this output to determine the temperature, which gets displayed on the screen.

While this entire process may sound complicated, it takes only a few seconds for the infrared thermometer to record the temperature and display in your desired unit.

Parts of LiveTemp Pro non-contact infrared thermometer

image showing parts of a LiveTemp pro non-conatct infrared thermometer
Parts of a LiveTemp pro non-contact infrared thermometer

Benefits of using LiveTemp pro non-contact infrared thermometer

Lightning Fast Readings

When someone is ill, you don’t always know how severe things are. Because of this, you want to get a reading of their temperature as quickly as possible. Outdated technology seems to take a lifetime when you or someone else is suffering.

This is where LiveTemp Pro excels. It takes a reading within one second, making it one of the best instant reading thermometers available.

Convenient readings

It has a color-coded display and you get to see the severity of your temperature with LiveTemp Pro. This means when you are fine, it shows your reading with a green background. Also, if your temperature requires attention but is not a fever level, it will shine yellow.

When you do have a fever (at 38.1 degrees C to 43 degrees C), the background shines red so it works like a traffic light system that is easy to understand.

Safe Measurements

Among the most impressive features of using a non-contact infrared thermometer is that it works without the need for contact. Just hold it 1-3 cm away from the person’s forehead and it will take a fast reading. This means the device works with an infrared beam so you can reduce the risk of infection.

Easy for Beginners

One of the most common complaints with infrared body thermometers is that they can be difficult to use. Even after you think you’ve got it to work, the readings can be hard to understand which puts a lot of people off using them.

Because there are only three buttons to use, operating LiveTemp Pro couldn’t be easier. You can switch measuring mode and store and check the memory of the device but otherwise, the simple operation is part of what makes it so impressive.

Universal Use

You might think that a non-contact infrared thermometer is only good for taking the temperature of a person but this is not true. Although there are plenty of products that can be labeled as limited in what they can offer, this isn’t the case with LiveTemp Pro.

Yes, it provides accurate readings within 0.1 degrees C of a person, but it can also be used to take the temperature of a room, your baby’s bathwater, and just about any other object you can think of.

Fast Set-Up

No one wants to have to scramble for uncommon batteries to get their medical-grade body thermometer to work. Thankfully, LiveTemp Pro takes 2 x AA batteries, the most common in any household.

It also has a low battery indicator so you know when it is time to find some new ones. The good news is that most people have spares in their home so you never have to worry about getting this useful product to work.

LiveTemp pro non-contact infrared thermometer
LiveTemp pro

Factors to consider when selecting a non-contact infrared thermometer


The most crucial aspect of any thermometer is its accuracy. For infrared thermometers, the accuracy depends on its distance-to-spot ratio (D/S ratio). This ratio indicates the maximum distance from where the thermometer can evaluate a specific surface area.

For example, if you need to measure the surface temperature of a 4-inch area with an infrared thermometer that has a D/S ratio of 8:1, the maximum distance from where you can accurately record the temperature will be 32 inches (8:1 x 4). It means that with bigger ratios, you can measure the temperature from a farther distance. However, the surface area will also increase with increasing distance.


Emissivity shows how much infrared energy a thermometer can put out at a time. IR thermometers with emissivity closer to 1.00 can read more materials than those with lower emissivity value.

Pick a thermometer that comes with an adjustable emissivity level to tweak the amount of infrared energy emitted and compensate for the energy reflected by the material in consideration for temperature measurement.

Temperature Range

An infrared thermometer’s temperature range affects the work you can perform with it. You may want to get an IR thermometer with a wide temperature range to record various processes with different temperatures.

On the contrary, an infrared thermometer with a narrow temperature range is better where higher resolutions are necessary to ensure proper temperature control of a specific process.

Reading Speed or Response Time

Reading speed is a time the thermometer takes to deliver an accurate reading after initiating the thermometer’s reading process. This factor is essential when measuring the temperature of a moving object, or in cases where the objects heat up quickly.


Warranty is a must-have feature in thermometers, as they are fragile or may even turn out to be defective. No-lens and Fresnel thermometers are cheaper than Mica lens thermometers, which can be a pretty massive investment. If you are buying any expensive thermometer, get the one that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Infrared thermometers are essential to use while reading the temperature of a surface that’s too dangerous, and almost impossible to reach. With the complex inner workings process, these thermometers give rapid results and are simple to use.

However, before picking an infrared thermometer, try to figure out the temperature range and your application. Also, make sure to use the device correctly and at the right place to get accurate results.

image showing different temperature ranges for livetemp pro
Temperature ranges

LiveTemp pro (non-contact infrared thermometer): Pros and Cons

Non-contact approach may reduce the risk of spreading disease between people being evaluated.  How and where the non-contact infrared thermometer is used may affect the measurement (for example, head covers, environment, positioning on forehead)
Easy to useThe close distance required to properly take a person’s temperature represents a risk of spreading disease between the person using the device and the person being evaluated.  
Easy to clean and disinfectIt can only be purchased from the official site
Measures temperature and displays a reading rapidlyStock on special offer is limited
Provides ability to retake a temperature quickly.
It has a memory function that keeps track of previously recorded temperatures.
It has a money back guarantee for all cusomers.
pros and cons of LiveTemp pro
buy button for livetemp pro

LiveTemp Pro: price

LiveTemp Pro Infrared Thermometer is not sold over any of the medical shops since it is just launched in the market. But the users can purchase it at the best prices over the internet from the official website. Click on the order now image to get direct to the website. 


Multiple payment options are available including: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex etc

What is the benefit of using an infrared thermometer?

It is contactless, accurate and fast. It can also be used to measure the temperature of objects.

Are infrared thermometers safe for daily use?

The main concerns are the adverse psychological, physiological, and neurological effects of having a gun shaped-like device pointed to someone’s forehead daily and repeatedly. Some health care workers and patients reported sleep disturbances, including nightmares after daily forehead temperature checks

What is normal forehead temperature with infrared thermometer?

Normal forehead skin temperature can vary several degrees depending on your environment (indoors or out), exercise, perspiration, direct heat or air conditioning, etc. It would be normal to read an actual forehead skin surface temperature between 91F and 94F if using a general-purpose infrared thermometer.

What is the disadvantage of infrared?

Infrared frequencies are affected by hard objects (e.g. walls, doors), smoke, dust, fog, sunlight etc. Hence it does not work through walls or doors. Infrared waves at high power can damage eyes

What is the maximum distance I can take measurements from the target?

6 inches or 15.2cm


LiveTemp Pro is the best non-contact infrared thermometer with a lot of features. It is also multi purpose in that it can also be used to measure surfaces or heat emitting objects. This review provides you with all the information you need to guide your decision to make a purchase.

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